Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Best companies for customer experience?

I know this does not have to do with video game griefing, but hear me out. I was requested by someone to write this type of article and I figured, why not?

So everyone knows that is very important that your company should be delivering consistent customer experience. If your customers are dissatisfied with your service, how would you expect to get more customers? Everyone would be bad-mouthing your company!

I'll give you a perfect example of an excellent service that I got to experience. A few years ago I bought some Skullcandy Full Metal Jacket earbuds. They were great and lasted quite a while before they broke. When they did break (one of the speakers blew) all I had to do was fill out a form on the Skullcandy website and then send my headphones in. Within 3 days I got a coupon code and I was able to order the newer model of Full Metal Jacket earbuds. All I had to pay was a few dollars to ship out my headphones in the first place. My replacement headphones then broke after about a year of use (which was longer than the last pair) and I was able to repeat the process and get another pair of brand new earbuds. I could not be more satisfied with the way Skullcandy handles their customer service and I would definitely recommend buying from them.

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  1. It's certainly not Gamestop.

  2. I haven't had a lot of good costumer support with anything... Still, followed.

  3. i haven't really had any interaction good or bad to say

  4. Zagg, perfect customer service

  5. The same is with shops. Everything is usually ok till something brokes up.

  6. The best customer experience I've had lately was a seller on Amazon called GARDENEXPERT. I ordered some seeds late on a Thursday night, and they arrived on Saturday morning, which was pretty good for free delivery :) They included a business card with a note saying to phone them if I ever have any problems with my plants or want some advice on how best to care for them, and the receipt had a handwritten 'thank you' on it. It's little touches like that that make for a great customer experience.

    I always have a good experience when dealing with Amazon themselves too. I recently bought a faulty item, and when I went on the live chat to ask how to return it, they said it was ok, and they refunded me without me having to send it back :)

    Also, I agree with ThePetr, Zagg have excellent customer service.