Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is griefing/raging?

Griefing is basically the act of making people angry in online video games. You can do one or more of 3 things to do this.

1: Griefing. This is basically using in-game tactics such as intentional friendly fire, standing in people's way, exploiting glitches, and spamming voice or text chat, all to get reactions out of people. This is the most common method.

2: Cheating, hacking. This is where you use third party programs or modifications to make people angry in online video games. The aimbot and speedhack are the 2 most common hacks to use. Basically, these 2 cheats make you extremely fast and make it so you kill everyone who comes in your line of fire. You can also set your aimbot to target your own teammates, creating even more delicious rage.

3: Trolling. This method often ties in with the other 2 methods. This method is acting in a way that makes people angry without necessarily griefing or cheating. For example, you can make fun of someone's voice. Never feel bad for doing this, or else your trolling will be useless! You can also act stupid and keep asking dumb questions on how to play the game, and when people give you answers just keep asking more dumb questions from that. Also, you can mix trolling with the other 2 methods. For example, attack your teammates and then when they shoot you back, complain and yell and demand to know why they are shooting you.

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